It kind of infuriates me when I see people posting on facebook or talking about how “bad” Vectorworks is. These conversations always seem to stem from Scenic Designers or Technicians who take the class for fun, usually not really understanding what it is they’re even trying to do, why they’re being told to do things a certain way, or what the point of paperwork even is. It’s geared towards Lighting Designers for a reason, because it’s the industry standard and because it works well for what we do.

I’ll admit, I don’t know AutoCAD, I can’t draft at all using it. BUT I don’t go around knocking on it when I’m having trouble looking at someone else’s draftings or what-have-you. I ask for help if I need it. 

I do not understand why people are so quick to hate something when they have no understanding of it. 

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