(sorry, I’m kind of drunk)

I was told we were sold out, but it seemed that not everyone with tickets attended? Oh well, it was enthusiastic all the same. A lot of the faculty and students came to see the show, including the Dean. 

It was a solid run.

Then we had cake backstage.. it was tasty, even if the show name was spelled incorrectly. It’s The Death of Gaia Divine, not.. Gia Devine. Oops.

After party was fun. Free food is always good. Drinks were strong. Our lead actress came up to me and said she was getting a lot of good feedback about the lighting and how cool it was. So that was keen. I like it when actors/actresses actually take the time to pass along that sort of thing to the design team or crew. 

I like the cast for this show. I guess it helps that it’s only 3 people, smaller shows usually seem to be more fun.

Only downside to the night was climbing up 7 flights of stairs drunk because the elevator was stuck. Stupid building.

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