i think the best thing about the theatre fandom is that we all pretend cats never existed despite it being one of the longest running shows in broadway history.

I have always wanted this rug, it looks like a pile of gel, but the price tag is 4 digits so…

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Purple Aurora Borealis

"I always say, or have said in the past, that ninety-nine and forty-four-hundredths of the audience does not pay any attention to the lighting, but one hundred percent is affected by it."
— Jennifer Tipton (via amimyresume)

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"Light is music for the eyes."
— Jennifer Tipton, light designer (via hannasworkinprogress)
"If nothing goes wrong, something must be wrong"
— The thought every stage manager has after a well done show (via standbycuetinyturtle)

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Director: Hey [Scenic Designer], if you have any more receipts you should give them to me now.

Me: Oh I have a receipt for you too!

Scenic Designer: Haha, receipt? What do you need to buy? You don’t need anything.